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ADAMAS Corp. is a global diversified company with a network of production and commercial branches worldwide.

Our company is engaged in the production of goods and materials, construction of buildings and constructions, agriculture, sale of consumer goods and the provision of logistics and financial services. The range of goods and materials that produced at its own factories, hundreds of positions. A large fleet of construction equipment is a modern tool for building works. The agrarian economy is our key focus. We grow wheat and corn, as well as provide services for the cultivation and harvesting.

Our slogan – the best opportunities for the best customers!

Time – the most expensive resource! Spend time on the most productive areas. Adamas Corp. offers a full range of financial services. We offer loans to corporate customers, overdraft and financial leasing. Since you will be working the best professionals of the financial sector. Great experience in international cooperation enables us to provide financial services to both legal entities and individuals. Our company now employs a large number of experienced professionals and we are doing everything possible for the development and prosperity of our company.

Innovation & Research

The future is with us

Only the constant improvement of technology and the opening of new possibilities can guarantee the development of the company in accordance with the mission. Realizing this truth, we are constantly investing time and money in directed search for new and better technologies.

Our wonderful staff

Experience and professionalism

Our team has about 27301 professionals. Take a look at the best of them! Each of them has an impressive experience in their field. These people are doing everything accurately, quickly and accurately. Our company’s success is based on such specialists. This is the pride of our company. Almost any question we can handle quickly and decisively.

Our partners

Reliable partners – beneficial cooperation

It is impossible to imagine a future without the predicted close relationships with reliable partners. Our company cooperates with many contracting companies from around the world. We are constantly developing relationships with partners.

Time – the most expensive resource!
President of Adamas Corp.
ADAMAS company has a network of retail stores in America and Europe. Perhaps the greatest choice of fashionable and stylish clothes.

Company Adamas Corp. willing to offer a wide range of services for the transportation of any cargo anywhere in the world. Adamas company has four plants. The first plant produces high quality industrial bearings. The second plant produces chemical fertilizers for agriculture industry. The third plant produces metal products in the assortment. The fourth plant is engaged in production of building materials – bricks, blocks and tiles. One of our plants producing feed for cattle and poultry.









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Our desire - to make the world more civilized

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